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The multimedia development platform already downloaded by over 3000 developers

The RealSystem is an open, standards-based platform for streaming multimedia productions over the Internet and intranets.

The primary design goals of RealSystem and the SDK include:
- Completely open system — The RealSystem SDK exposes all interfaces used in the end user products of the RealPlayer and RealServer, to enable development of new tools and applications. The system is designed from the ground up to be a platform for development of streaming media applications.
- Stream any datatype — RealSystem is specifically designed to support file formats and datatypes natively. This eliminates key compatibility issues between tools and the streaming delivery system.
- Synchronized playback — RealSystem is designed to synchronize the playback of mixed media presentations over low to high bandwidth networks and is a full implementation of Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL).
- Standards-based — RealSystem is the leading implementation of Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) and SMIL. The SDK includes discussion and details of the implementation of these Internet standards.

Please note : the RealPlayer is not included in the RealSystem SDK; please download it seperately from

RealPlayer Core (C++ interface) - The RealPlayer Core is the core client engine of the RealPlayer and exposes many of the low level interfaces in the RealSystem client
- Audio services — audio mixing, resampling, volume handling and management
- Video services — video surface handling
- Rendering/Codec — Renderers are designed to play specific datatypes, such as RealAudio, RealVideo, or RealPix. will stream and play any dediatype that implements a Renderer and File Format Plug-in
- User interface controls are not included in the RealPlayer Core SDK.

The RealServer runs on Unix and Windows NT. All interfaces are C++ and are completely exposed in the RealSystem SDk. Please note: The RealServer is not included in this SDK; please download it seperately from
- Monitor, configuration and administration — RealSystem Servers ship with tools for administration, configuration and monitoring of the server. All tools plug-in to open interfaces in the server. System adminstrators in corporate networks and tools companies can use these same interfaces to tie the system in with existing networks infrastructure.
- Allowance/Licensing — Control and metering of streams and content is done via the Allowance interfaces.
- File System — The file system interface allows people to integrate the server with databases, or external servers and processes.
- Broadcast — Live media types and tools plug into the broadcast interface.
- Datatype/File Format — A key design decision in RealSystem is to support any file format natively. Developers who build datatypes that run in the system write "file format plug-ins" that are designed to describe their media types to the system in real time. "Rendering plug-ins" in the RealPlayer are designed to play each media stream. This model is exactly how every media type is implemented in the RealSystem, including RealAudio, RealVideo, RealPix, RealText and RealFlash.
- RTSP Transport System — RealSystem is the leading implementation of the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), a standard endorsed by the IETF. The RealSystem SDK exposes client and server APIs for application developers to rapidly build and deploy live and on-demand datatypes, clients, and server systems that are interoperable with other RTSP implementations.

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